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The laboratory is a playground for design and development of innovative devices and spaces, which people (inter)act with in daily life. It is centered around user experience in physical environments. The DRAMA LÄB is a cross-fertilization between the Faculties of Computer Science and of Design and Art in Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy)

It is born out of the opportunity to combine the expertise from diverse fields, which are already present in the University like Interaction and Product Design, Visual Communication, Open Hardware and Software, Human Computer Interaction and User Experience Design, Data and Knowledge Engineering.

The lab is a shared space, where students and researchers from design and from computer science meet, discuss each others work, collaborate or simply inspire and learn from each other. It is the breeding ground for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

The DRAMA LÄB houses playful experiments, workshops and courses with researchers, students, children and adults at all ages. It opens future perspectives for collaborations with other actors and initiatives, like the Technology Park, institutions and companies in the Euregio and beyond.

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