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Workshop Dramalab + Faculty of Design and Art

SER F1.Freiraum 09:00 – 19:00

The aim of the workshop is to make the visitors of the unibz garden interact with the plants and to make them communicate with each other. Starting from the concept of Internet of things the workshop envisions to apply the same principle to plants in a garden setting. By touching their leaves or measuring their humidity the plant becomes the sensor. In this workshop we will experiment the possibilities of Arduino platform, 3D printing, and plants themselves in order to create a living system that reacts to the visitor behaviours such as watering, harvesting, smelling, trimming. Besides that the workshop aims to have an educational aspect by making plants talk about their properties. While we will use Arduino platform for creating the sensors and actuator, 3D printing will be utilised in order to create objects/tools that will be used in the interactive system, such as wind mills, mechanic systems.

If you wish to participate, please enrol yourself here >


Thursday 12/01/16
Morning: briefing + arduino explanation.
Afternoon: design/3D modelling/use scenarios.

Friday 13/01/16
Morning + afternoon: execution and testing of the objects into the Faculty workshops. The workshop will be open just in the morning as in the morning they are booked for the WUP. We have to check wheter there could be an exception in this case.

Saturday 14/01/16
Assembly + final presentation (communication of the whole workshop in a coherent way in an exhibition set up)

The workshop is open to all the unibz students.
The participants will be organised in six groups. Five of them will work on a bed each and they’ll be composed by design students in combination with the computer science ones, more skilled about the programming of the sensors. The groups will be chosen at random, and the design students will work on a different bed to the one that they designed and made. An additional group, the sixth one, will take care of connecting all the groups together and to communicate the workshop experience in a coherent way. They could take care also about the promotion of the project (ex: putting QR codes on the beds to make people getting informations about the project directly from scanning them).

Organisation team
Andrea de Chirico: product design (design + execution of the cases of the objects)
Matteo Moretti: interaction expert + arduino
Mirco Piccin: Arduino + programming expert
Secil Ugur Yavuz: arduino + programming + design of the casing of the objects
Werner Stefano Villa: product design (design + execution of the cases of the objects)

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