Robot behaviour: complexity is in the eye of the beholder // Feb 19-20, 2015

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Andrea Roli, from Bologna University, will introduce us into the simple and the complex of a robot behaviour—designers, computer scientists, you are all welcome! Programming a robot can be easier than expected and the behaviour of a simple robot can be more complex than expected! The goal of this workshop is to introduce the principles… Read more »

Co-design and Children: Who, Why, How // Sep 29 2014

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child hands

by Franca Garzotto, Politecnico di Milano September 29th, 2014 // 12:30-13:30 // Seminar Room, 1st floor, Faculty of Computer Science of UniBZ, Piazza Domenicani 3, Bolzano OVERVIEW «Up to age 16, kids are determining most expenditures in the household. This is very attractive to marketers — See more» But how to design for nowadays children?… Read more »

Workshop: OPEN DRONES 22.-27.9.2014

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Drones for war, drones for surveillance, drones for commerce, drones for comfort … Industry and military invest billions in research related to intelligent drones. We want to understand the topic from a hands-on perspective. We will tinker with drones, using them for interventions in public space. Karen Eliot will conduct the workshop. The Name “Karen Eliot” is… Read more »

Videogame programming 101 // Sep 1-4 2014

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—copyrighted image by TERENCE— VIDEOGAME PROGRAMMING 101 – Drama Läb: DAY 1 A workshop concerning videogame design and development for user experience design by Maurizio Cerrato—thank you, Maurizio, for this very nice crash course into the realm of videogame programming! Sep 1–4 2014, UniBZ, Main Building Follow us on Facebook OVERVIEW You heard you can… Read more »